Casino Star slot – the very heart of America is waiting for your bet!

This casino is located in the city of Mulvane, Kansas USA. Kansas Star Casino offers a range of gaming innovations for every taste for every gambler! The following offers await players who decide to visit this casino:

  • 1770 gaming slots with a wide variety of offers and large jackpots;
  • More than 50 varieties of board games, such as roulette, craps, blackjack;
  • Poker room with live players!

The casino is famous for providing the opportunity to place orders in the restaurant adjacent to the casino, and not to be interrupted during the game for breaks for dinner. In addition, Kansas Star Arena television broadcasts live from various performances and other events that the player can enjoy in between bets.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kansas Star casino

In general, this casino evokes positive emotions among players from different parts of the USA. However, many players complain about the lack of facilities for smoking players, and non-smoking gamblers. Some people note poor ventilation in the room, as a result of which the institution is not recommended for those people who do not tolerate tobacco smoke.

At the same time, for players who like to light a cigar before the next kansas star casino slot payout bet, the best option is to spend time playing gambling. Of course you can’t find free slots in this land-based casino, but you can enjoy playing blackjack and poker, including live poker in rooms specially reserved for this.

Restaurant at the casino

Most players characterize the restaurant operating at the casino as excellent, with a large selection of dishes and high quality cooking. However, it should be borne in mind that the restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday, so it would be better to visit this restaurant on other days of the week.

Players also complain about long lines at the blackjack table, especially for those tables where the stakes are not big and amount to $ 5.

Casino Hotel

There is a hotel at the casino where players can spend the night if they plan to stay in the casino for several days. However, most players do not speak very well about the hotel at the casino.

If you can hear and read mostly positive reviews about slot machines and other features of the casino on the Internet, then the hotel causes a lot of discontent from visitors. That is why it is better to spend one day in this casino, and not count on a week-long rest.


Excellent service in the casino is beyond doubt, however, poor ventilation and a huge number of people smoking tobacco make this place the best choice for only a few gamblers. Non-smoking gamblers will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in this institution.

In addition, there are big problems with the hotel accommodation for people from other parts of the USA and foreigners. Therefore, before visiting a casino, it is better to carefully study all the features and tips of the people who have been to this casino before.

At the same time, you need to appreciate the wide selection of slot machines, table games and poker rooms, which is a big plus for this institution. Well, if you are not afraid of tobacco smoke and bad mattresses in the rooms of Kansas hotels, then go to the game!

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